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How do I book a unit?

You can book a unit over the phone or in person. At the time of your call or your visit, we can create your account, secure your unit at the location of your choice and complete the leasing transaction.

I don’t need a unit right now, but will in a few weeks. How can I make sure that a unit is available for me?

Let’s say for example you need a unit in 14 days. We can secure your unit and complete the leasing process now, which ensures the unit is available to you when you need it. Your actual billing period will commence on the start date of your leasing document, which in this case is 14 days away.

How long does it take to complete the leasing process?

Usually it will take 20-30 minutes to complete the entire process, including our facility tour. If you need to book our Free Truck & Driver service, we can coordinate that for you at that same time.


What is the minimum amount of time I can rent a unit for? Do I need to commit to a long term lease?

The minimum rental period is 1 month. You can certainly move your belongings out prior to the end of the month, and will receive a pro-rated refund of the current month’s remaining rent assuming proper notice of vacate is given.


When do payments happen?

Our customers are billed on the 1st of every month, for the month upcoming (for example, January’s payment would be due on January 1st of that year.) For your convenience, we offer auto-payment by credit card, and pre-authorized debit (PAD).

What is “True Monthly Billing”?

Rather than billing every 4 weeks, our customers are billed on the first of the month for the upcoming month. This gives you a true full month of storage, every month, regardless of whether that month has 28 days or 31.

Moving In

What size of truck can we drive into the bay?

As long as there is room in the bay, you can drive in any size vehicle up to a transport truck. Our bays are designed to handle the largest transport trucks on the road, including 13’ high, with 53’ trailers.

Can we get a truck at move-in?

Yes, we offer a FREE TRUCK AND DRIVER service for all our storage customers at move-in for customers local to the Ottawa region. At a scheduled time, we would bring to your location the right sized truck for your belongings and drive it back to your Dymon Storage location after you have finished loading it. There you can complete your move-in to your storage unit. Dollies and handtrucks are available for you to use on site. To schedule your Free Truck and Driver, click here

Can store staff help move my items from my vehicle into my locker?

Unfortunately, store staff are not insured movers and cannot help with the moving of your goods. To help you with your move-in (or out), we do have hand trucks and dollies available to help you cart your belongings from your vehicle into your unit.

If you need a full-service solution, we do offer our DymonMoves service which can be booked in advance of your move in. Service fees applies.

Closing Process

I don’t need my storage unit anymore. What do I need to do?

We require a 15 days’ written notice to terminate a lease agreement. In most cases, an email stating the intended date and the unit number is sufficient, but there is also a notice form that can be filled out. If proper notice is given, we will gladly offer a pro-rated refund for the remainder of the paid current month (as months are always paid in advance in full). This is outlined in greater detail on your leasing agreement.

I didn’t use my Free Truck & Driver at move-in. Can I use it when I move out?

No. This service is available to guests only at move-in, and there are no substitutions. We do have available a truck & driver at move-out for a fee. 


Can you deliver Dymon Boxes to me?

Sure can! Free delivery is available for any retail purchase of $75 or more before tax, within the Ottawa and GTA designated shipping zones.

Can I rent and/or pick up Dymon Boxes at any location?

Dymon Boxes are available for purchase at any Dymon location. We can also provide free delivery on our rentals with a minimum rental of 25 or more boxes.

I have a large volume order of moving supplies. Where does your free delivery service deliver to?

We offer free delivery on orders of $75 (pre-tax) or more for moving & packing supplies within the Ottawa city limits.

Hours of Operations

When are you open?

Our storage units are accessible 24/7/365. Our retail area is staffed Monday to Friday from 8am-9pm, and 9am-6pm on Weekends (holiday hours may apply). Our Security Command Center is staffed overnight and holidays to respond to inquiries.

When can I access my storage unit?

Anytime! Your secure access code is chosen by you when you complete your leasing document, giving you access to the facility anytime you need it.

Security & Assistance

Is there security at your locations?

Your safety is always our concern. Every corridor is well-lit and have security camera monitoring 24/7 on all our floors. Access to the building requires a security access code into the drive-in bays and in order to operate the elevator to your floor. During regular business hours, our retail staff is available to assist you with any concerns. There is also intercom access to speak to a live person at any time including after business hours.

Do you provide 24/7 assistance?

After hours help is provided by our security staff whom you can access through a call button on each floor, or, through the emergency number posted on the website & the front retail door of each facility.

For your reference, that number is: 613-748-9900


Do I need to supply a lock and keys?

A lock and keys will be supplied for you free of charge while you stay with us.

Do you keep a copy of the key?

Only you, and anyone else you assign to your account, will have a copy of your key. There are 3 unique-cut keys included with every lockset, and facility staff do not hold any master keys.

Do I need to insure my belongings while in storage?

We provide $50,000 worth of contents insurance with every storage unit rental. Additional insurance available upon request at a cost of $2/$1000 coverage, monthly. 

Is there power in your units?

No. For the safety and security of all our customers, there are no power outlets or lighting in our units. If lighting is your concern, our units are designed to be reflective. That, plus the lighting from our hallways, is typically all our customers tell us they need.

Will you accept packages for me if I can’t be there?

Yes, we will gladly accept courier deliveries on your behalf, and hold them for you for a period of 48 hours without charge. Please check with the staff at your Dymon location if you are considering having larger volume deliveries directed to our facilities to ensure there are no limitations you need to be aware of. 

Can I dispose of garbage at Dymon?

We do not provide on site garbage disposal.


Can I store a vehicle in a garage unit?

Yes, you can store a vehicle in our climate control garage units.

Can I store a gas power lawn mower, snow blower or a motorcycle in a indoor storage unit?

You can store a gas power item provided it is completely empty of all fluids (i.e. gas, oils, anti-freeze, brake and power steering fluids).

Can I store perishable food item in the storage unit?

We do not permit any perishable food items or plants to be stored at any of our facilities as this may attract rodents, bugs or other type of creatures.

What can’t I store at Dymon Storage?

The stipulations around items you cannot at Dymon Storage are outlined in the lease you sign with us, but generally include foods, flammable or explosive materials. If you have any specific questions, please speak to a Dymon Storage Associate.

FREE Truck & Driver at Move-In

To make your move-in even easier, one of our professional drivers will deliver the right size truck needed for your belongings. You complete loading the truck, then we will drive it, and your items, back to your Dymon location for you, where you can complete your move in.  Moving carts, bungee cords & moving blankets available for your added convenience. This service is absolutely free - no hidden fees, no re-fueling charge, no insurance charges and no mileage charges. Available at move-in only.

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