Document Storage and Records Management

Store, protect and manage your files with our affordable storage and records management services.


Office Or Warehouse Space Tied Up With Archived Documents?

Our Document Storage & Records Management is available at a fraction of the cost of other third party document storage providers. And, rather than giving up control and custody of your files, you can self-manage your documents stored at our facilities.
  • Dedicated storage space for your documents  

  • Customized heavy duty shelving to help you maximize space  

  • Self-manage your own files using our mobile app or web dashboard. Includes admin support & training  

  • Secure & accessible storage 24/7  

  • Use of our fully equipped mini offices complete with scanning, photocopying & fax services  

Records Storage & Management In 3 Simple Steps


You pack your files into bankers boxes


Our professional movers will palletize, shrink wrap & move your boxes to your storage unit


You track and manage your documents using our mobile app or web dashboard


FREE Movers For Dymon Doc Solutions

Bonded and insured Dymon movers will retrieve your file boxes and bring them to your storage location. Boxes are palletized and shrink wrapped to ensure they remain intact in transit. When received at the Dymon facility, they are scanned into your space and you can track the process from your office.


At Dymon, we offer more than just a place to store your belongings.

We offer a whole suite of services meant to make your storage experience, not just good, but great.