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As a locally owned company, Dymon believes in building the communities that build us.


Philanthropy in Ottawa: Dymon Storage is on a mission this Giving Tuesday


The inspiration: “Giving Tuesday is an important time for us and The Ottawa Mission. Since we became involved at Dymon Storage, there has been an uptick in donations as we are aligned. We love the Mission, we are fond of the people.” 

Dymon Storage was founded with charitable giving as a core value. Fifty per cent of the company’s profits and 50 per cent of the value creation are donated to charities in the local community.

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Stronger Together - DYMON Face Masks


As a community partner, and with the spread of COVID-19 becoming more acute in the communities we serve, we are very pleased to announce that we will be donating over ONE MILLION of our DYMON Face Masks to charitable organizations and community groups across the GTA and Ottawa. 

Please see the GTA and Ottawa sections below for more details.

The DYMON Face Masks are certified, commercial grade, protective masks that have been made specifically for DYMON and have been rigorously tested here in Canada. They feature 95% particle filtration, thus making them far more effective than a standard cloth or surgical mask.


In an effort to further help the communities we serve, we believe there should be better access to PROTECTIVE face masks. As such, we are selling the DYMON Protective Face Masks with 95% filtering efficiency as below cost. Use the button below to buy online.


Greater Toronto Area - #DYMONMillionMasks

DYMON Self Storage and its owners Glen Luckman and Brent Wilson, announced a donation of one million commercial grade face masks to charities and community groups in the Greater Toronto Region in order to combat the spread of COVID-19. DYMON Self Storage’s initiative is designed to protect vulnerable residents of the GTA in the face of rising case numbers by distributing DYMON Self Storage face masks to front line workers and clients of charities and community groups.

DYMON Self Storage’s commercial grade KN95 face masks are in the GTA today, and are ready to be delivered immediately to organizations and communities across the region directly from the company’s state-of-the-art climate-controlled self storage facility in Etobicoke.

Read the complete press release below. On December 22 we delivered our 1 millionth DYMON Face Mask, but we are still considering worthwhile charities and community groups in the GTA. If you are in need, please fill click the button, right, or call us at 416.844.3874.




Ottawa - Stronger Together

With the spread of COVID-19 becoming more acute in the nations capital, we donated over 100,000 of our DYMON Face Masks to charitable organizations and community groups across Ottawa.

While our donation goal in Ottawa has been achieved we are still accepting applications for worthy organizations. 






 The Dymon Foundation - The Next Step In Giving

Over the next few years, the creation of the Dymon Foundation will be the culmination of a major corporate philanthropy goal of Dymon’s owners – Glen Luckman and Brent Wilson. The Dymon Foundation will be focused on contributing 50% of Dymon’s value creation over time back to the community. This will be done through a variety of means including things such as building assisted retirement living housing and low income housing. This goal of pouring resources back into the community is what drives everything Dymon does as a company.


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