The Dymon Eco-Box

An eco-friendly alternative to traditional cardboard moving boxes.
Rent them for your next move. Or, purchase them for use as a
reliable, long-term storage container.

What Is An Eco-Box?

Dymon Eco-Boxes are plastic moving bins that are an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional cardboard boxes.
Constructed for repeat use, their strong and durable construction makes them tough enough for any move including home, office,
garage, workshops and more! Plus they are designed to be stackable, making them a great space-saver where ever you store them.
Available to rent or purchase. Delivery available.

Order one or many

  • Measures 25" x 16" x 12" / 2.7 cubic feet

  • Strong & durable construction

  • Lightweight with ergonomic handles for portability

  • Permanently attached lid

  • Smooth interior surfaces

  • Lockable using security ties or locks

  • Stackable

  • Renting a large quantity? Complimentary dolly usage included

FREE Pick Up & Delivery For Dymon Eco-Box

Ordering a large number of Dymon Boxes for your move? We'll be happy to deliver them to you. And, once you're unpacked and done, we'll pick them up from you too. Free delivery & pick up available when you buy or rent bundles of 25 or more.

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