Moving Kit - Apartment

Premium Moving Boxes & Packaging Supplies

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Whether it is your first time move away from home, or you are moving to a larger place, this starter kit is the perfect assortment of moving supplies to pack up your apartment. These boxes & packaging supplies will help you pack, and protect your possessions.

This kit includes:

10 pieces - MEDIUM Dymon Moving Boxes (10001)

15 pieces - X-LARGE Dymon Moving Boxes (11364)

1 piece - Dymon Wardrobe box with hanger bar (10013)

2 rolls - Medium Bubble Packing Roll 24in x 20ft (10027)

1 box - Dymon Wrapping Paper (10038)

2 packs - Dymon Two Pack Tape (10040)

1 piece - Dymon Tape Dispenser (10043)

1 piece - Dymon Queen Mattress Bag (10034)


This kit is also available from your local Dymon Store

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